Creating An Editorial Content Calendar

Now that we've created a Content Strategy, have identified our goals and key pillars, have discussed different types of post content; it's time to create an Editorial Content Calendar.

An editorial calendar can come in many forms but essentially it is a way to visually lay out your content so that you can plan ahead, develop in advance and schedule your content. An editorial calendar is ESSENTIAL to an effective content strategy.

Here is a sample content calendar with our sample content pillars and post types added in:

How you create your editorial calendar is completely up to your preference. Some choose to have a printable hard copy, we at PGC prefer keeping a shared digital editorial calendar. A great option for a digital editorial calendar would be to use Google Calendar.

When drafting your editorial calendar, we’d like you to keep in mind frequency of posting content. Frequency of posts is a topic with a wide range of variables. However, from our years of experience, results seem to suggest that an optimal frequency for Facebook in the aesthetic industry is 2-4 posts a week. Again, this can be variable from practice to practice but we recommend the 2-4 posts a week as a great starting point to build off of. In the coming weeks, we will talk more about analyzing your insights and making data driven decisions to determine if you will need to edit your weekly post amount.

Creating Your Own Editorial Content Calendar

For this exercise you will need the Content Strategy that you created earlier in this lesson.
Download the the following printable calendar and practice laying out your content for a sample month.
You will want between 2-4 posts for each week, and you will want to fluctuate the days in the beginning.

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